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GRE Math for Beginners – FREE

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About Course

Are you newbie to GRE Math or need a refresher? This course will rewind your basic math concepts that you might have forgotten over the years. Moreover, this Free GRE basic lesson will guide you how to take GRE math as quantitative reasoning by learning:

  • The reason behind each calculation/step (quantitative reasoning).
  • How to answer complex questions with simple & easier approach that everybody can do.
  • Brainstorming drills with various question types: problem solving, quantitative comparison, numeric entry, and data analysis.

What Will You Learn?

  • Common terminologies used in GRE Mathematics
  • Basics of Arithmetic & Algebra & Word Problems
  • GRE Math principles
  • Simplifying and solving expressions
  • Basic rules of logic, reasoning & IQ

Course Content

The First Steps

Data Types and More

Control Structures

How To Use Databases in PHP

PHP and The Web

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 Ratings
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5 years ago
This was my first time taking an online course.
The content is excellent, and the instructors are also excellent.
How much you learn from this course is pretty much what you put into it.
5 years ago
Thank you! I enjoyed your course and humor.
Please keep working on making great stuff to share and help more people.
Look forward to more additional features to this project near future.

Your Instructor

Mubasher Jan